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Will my order be exactly as pictured?

Due to a variety of factors, the order may not appear exactly as pictured upon delivery. Because flowers are such delicate and perishable inventory items, there may be times when certain colors and even flower types may need to be substituted.

  • Usually, certain flowers (commonly roses and lilies) will not arrive entirely open as to allow for them to live as long as possible. Over the next following days they will reach the full bloom as pictured.

  • Shops may need to make substitutions for flower colors due to high demand. The florists will always try their best to match every order and ensure that nevertheless, the flowers look great!

  • Shops may also run out of a certain vase pictured in the image. If this happens, we will try our best to let you know. As with above, the florists will always try to have a similar (or at least fitting) vase for the arrangement.

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